Ottawa Classical Choir Presents Rossini’s “Petite messe solennelle”

Published on May 9, 2019 by Tori McNeely, Ottawa Life

On May 18th the Ottawa Classical Choir, under the direction of Maestro Michel Brousseau and in association with the Société philharmonique du nouveau monde, presents Petite messe solennelle by Gioachino Rossini. The Italian composer, known for embellished melodies and animated ensembles, described his Petite messe solennelle as the “last of my sins of old age.”

Written in 1863, the piece seamlessly blends the sounds of Bach, Mozart, and Fauré, while remaining unmistakably Rossinian. The Ottawa Classical Choir will bring this powerful and moving piece to life. In an effective musical adaptation, the solo parts of the work will be sung by the choir. The OCC will perform along with two pianists including Ottawa’s own Jenna Richards, pianist Danielle Maisonneuve and Mélanie Barney on the harmonium.

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Explorer Le Paradis perdu de Dubois

Publié le 05 mai 2012 par Yves Bergeras, Le Droit

Réunis sous la désignation Société philharmonique du Nouveau Monde (SPNM), ces quatre choeurs sont ceux que le maestro dirige depuis des années – à raison de « 4 000 km par mois », sourit-il ; le prix à payer « pour pouvoir présenter de grandes oeuvres » : la Chorale classique d’Ottawa, la chorale philharmonique du Nouveau Monde (qui ne prendra pas part à ce spectacle), à Montréal, Les Chanteurs de Sainte-Thérèse et le Choeur de Tremblant.

As Classic as classic gets

Published on February 23, 2012 by Ciara McGrath, Orleans Star

Bringing in the same quality of classical music, but at a lower price is the mandate of the Ottawa Classical Choir, a choir group that practices in Orléans. “There’s certainly lots of talented people in Ottawa,” said the group’s president, Tom Franzky, who has been with the choir from the very beginning. Founded by Michel Brousseau and Maria Knapik in 2006…

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Queer chorister sings with the Ottawa Classical Choir

Published on May 20, 2011by Jessica Ruano, Daily Xtra

“I thought I’d never have the guts to actually stand onstage in a public performance with a gay group. However, I did it. I think that the enjoyment of singing in a choir allowed me to get rid of the fear and come out. It’s my love for music that in a way forced me to fully accept my identity,” he says.

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CTV Morning Live

Upload on November 17, 2011 by CTV Morning Live

The Ottawa Classical Choir is set to perform Mozart’s Requiem at Dominion Chalmers Church.

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